“People thought we were gone, but we are here and nobody would want to play us in knockouts,” Matthew Hayden reveals why Pakistan are an even more dangerous side now

Pakistan miraculously made it to the semi-final of T20 World Cup after losing their first two games

Matthew Hayden, who is Pakistan’s special coaching consultant for the ongoing T20 World Cup, addressed the Pakistani players after they miraculously made it to the semi-final of the tournament, because of Netherlands’ loss to South Africa and their own victory over Bangladesh.

When the Sunday started, Pakistan were strong favorites to win against Bangladesh, but they were not the favorites to qualify to the semis because they had lost their first two games and they needed an upset on Sunday. They needed either Netherlands to beat South Africa or Zimbabwe to beat India.

While Zimbabwe lost to India by a massive margin, Pakistan had already qualified to the semis before that because the upset that they needed was provided by Netherlands in the first game of the day itself, as Netherlands beat South Africa against all odds.


After Pakistan’s loss in their first two games of their T20 World Cup campaign, everyone thought that they were eliminated from the tournament, but from the slightest of possibilities, they bounced back and qualified to top 4.

Matthew Hayden gave an inspirational speech to Pakistan players after their win against Bangladesh

Matthew Hayden reminded to the Pakistan players after their victory against Bangladesh where they have bounced back from. Hayden told them that everyone thought Pakistan were out, but now somehow they are in and now they are more dangerous than before because nobody would want to face them now.

When Pakistan had qualified to the semi-final of the last T20 World Cup in UAE, Hayden was there with the team as well, but that was a flawless group campaign for them and Pakistan hadn’t lost a single game before reaching the semis. In this World Cup, Pakistan lost two games at the very beginning and then from the brink of elimination, they reached the semis, where they will now face New Zealand on Wednesday.


The second semi-final of the tournament will take place the day after between two favorites of the tournament, India and England.


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