“Only way Ashwin can play in England is by introducing the impact player rule”, Twitter reacts to the scene of Ravi Ashwin carrying drinks during the drinks break to share some inputs in the WTC Final 2023

In the high-stakes arena of the ICC World Test Championship final, every team member’s contribution counts. Such was the case on Day 1, when Indian cricketer Ravi Ashwin demonstrated his commitment to the team’s success.


Ashwin, a seasoned pro and crucial component of the Indian squad, was surprisingly not part of the playing XI. Despite this, he continued to support his team in a unique way. Instead of watching from the sidelines, Ashwin stepped up in a different role – the drinks carrier during the break.

Ashwin seized the opportunity to be there for his teammates. This act was not merely a gesture of camaraderie but also a strategic move.


As Ashwin carried the drinks onto the field, he also shared valuable insights with his teammates. Having a player of Ashwin’s calibre on the field, even off-play is an asset. His vast experience and understanding of the game could provide invaluable advice to the players on the pitch.

Ravi Ashwin was carrying drinks during the drinks break to share some inputs in the WTC Final 2023

This situation also highlighted Ashwin’s adaptability and sportsmanship. Even when not included in the match, he found ways to contribute and remain involved. This displays a commendable level of professionalism and dedication to his team’s cause.

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The act further solidified Ashwin’s reputation as a team player. It’s an example of how top athletes can demonstrate leadership and influence, regardless of their role in a particular game. His on-field presence during the drinks break certainly provided a morale boost for his team.

To conclude, Ravi Ashwin’s actions on Day 1 of the final underscored the essence of teamwork in sports. His willingness to contribute, even in a non-playing capacity, sends a powerful message about unity and shared responsibility.

In the face of intense competition and high stakes, Ashwin’s commitment to his team remained unwavering. His contribution during the drinks break reaffirmed that every team member has a role to play, on or off the field. Such commitment to the team’s cause illustrates the spirit of cricket and makes Ashwin a true sportsman.


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