“The First Indian To Pick The Wicket Of Father And Son In Tests”, Twitter Reacts As Ravichandran Ashwin Dismissed Tagenarine Chanderpaul

WI vs IND 2023: Ravichandran Ashwin Dismissed Tagenarine Chanderpaul: In the dynamic world of cricket, there are moments that stand as a testament to the sheer talent and skill of the players. One such instance occurred during the ongoing first Test at Dominica, where veteran off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin demonstrated his world-class bowling skills against West Indies opener Tagenarine Chanderpaul.

After withstanding the initial onslaught from the Indian bowlers, Chanderpaul and his fellow opener Kraigg Brathwaite seemed to have gained some ground. However, the arrival of Ashwin to the bowling crease signaled a change of tide. From around the wicket, the seasoned spinner launched an ingenious delivery that slipped past Chanderpaul’s defense, leaving the stumps rattled.

Ashwin’s crafty off-spin was designed to entice the left-handed Chanderpaul into a defensive move. The ball drifted towards Chanderpaul, who instinctively moved forward in an attempt to defend his wicket. Alas, the ball, true to its course, retained its line and sneaked past the bat, effectively dislodging the bails.


The moment was surreal, as Chanderpaul looked back in disbelief at his disturbed stumps. A young, promising batsman had been outplayed by a seasoned spinner, showcasing Ashwin’s undeniable mastery, particularly against left-handed batsmen. The moment was an unforgettable blend of anticipation, surprise, and raw skill, leaving the spectators and the young Chanderpaul spellbound.

WI vs IND 2023: Ravichandran Ashwin Dismissed Tagenarine Chanderpaul

But this was more than just a wicket for Ashwin; it was a historic moment etched in the annals of cricket. Ashwin has claimed the wicket of not only Chanderpaul but also his father, Shivnarine, during previous Test matches, becoming the first Indian cricketer to achieve this unique feat. The distinction of being the first Indian bowler to pick the wickets of both father and son in Tests adds another feather in Ashwin’s already illustrious cap.

This event illustrates not just the power of Ashwin’s cricketing prowess but also his versatility. His off-spin attack, often touted as his lethal weapon, once again proved too potent for the opposition. The episode underlines his mastery over left-handers and the ability to change the course of a match with his genius.


Ravichandran Ashwin’s performance in Dominica is not just a testament to his individual brilliance but also a shining example of the indomitable spirit of the game of cricket. As the sport continues to evolve, these captivating moments of finesse and mastery serve as reminders of the extraordinary talents that grace the cricket field, inspiring the next generation of cricketers to strive for excellence.

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