“Nobody is asking me about the pitch,” Indian captain Rohit Sharma jokes in the press conference before Mohali test

Rohit Sharma was addressing his first pre match press conference as India's permanent test captain

The Indian captain Rohit Sharma is someone who is known for his witty and funny answers in the press conferences, and there is hardly any press conference where he doesn’t make the reporters laugh with one of his answers. Today was also one of those occasions again where the veteran right-hander was in a jolly mood while addressing the pre-match press conference ahead of the first test match between India and Sri Lanka.

When one of the journalists asked Rohit why he was not talking about the pitch conditions at all and was talking about other things, Rohit hilariously got back at the journalist saying “Well, I can answer only when someone asks me about the pitch. Nobody is asking me about the pitch”.

The journalist then went further ahead with his question and asked Rohit about the pitch and also what effect the crowd is going to have on the energy and intensity of the team. Rohit lauded the journalist for the question and said these are the cricket-related questions he prefers to be asked, rather than any other stuff.


This looks like a typical Indian pitch at the moment: Rohit Sharma

In the view of Rohit Sharma, the first look that he has had at the pitch of the PCA stadium, it seems like a typical Indian pitch which will definitely have some assistance for the spinners as the game goes ahead. The pitch has some green tinge to it, but the green tinge is not really at the good length areas of both sides of the pitch.



Many experts reckon the pitch might be a bit two-paced. Mohali, over the years in the past, has been one of those venues in India which assist the fast bowlers, but also good for stroke play from a batting point of view because of the bounce. While the fast bowlers get a fair bit of pace off the surface and the spinners get into the game, later on, the batsmen also play their shots on the rise.




I write a bit on cricket and I am more interested in technical and tactical side of the game, rather than bravado.

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