Nia Jax Praises Former WWE Superstar as the “Most Beautiful Woman Ever”

The women’s division experienced a shock when Nia Jax returned to WWE RAW on the September 11 episode. Her disruptive presence altered the roster’s makeup. Off-screen, she has demonstrated appreciation for her fellow Superstars but on-screen she has caused mayhem with her behaviour.

One such acknowledgment came in the form of Nia Jax praising Trinity Fatu, the current IMPACT Knockouts World Champion and former WWE star. Trinity, known as Naomi during her WWE tenure, recently attended a Beyonce concert where the iconic singer complimented her outfit. Sharing her excitement about this moment, Trinity posted about it on social media, which prompted a heartwarming response from Nia Jax.

Nia Jax took to Twitter/X to express her admiration for Trinity Fatu, describing her as “one of the most beautiful women ever” and expressing her deep affection for her friend.


“Trinity is one of the most beautiful women ever! Love her so much,” Nia Jax wrote on Twitter/X

Below, you can see Nia’s comment and Trinity’s reply:

Trinity Fatu’s wrestling career has continued to flourish as she currently holds the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship, having captured the title at the Slammiversary event on July 15, 2023, by defeating Deonna Purrazzo in an impressive victory.


Why is Nia Jax back in WWE again?

Nia Jax’s remarks underscore the comradery and respect shared among Superstars, transcending rivalries and competitiveness in the realm of professional wrestling, as the WWE Universe eagerly awaits the Women’s Champion’s return to WWE RAW.

These spontaneous displays of admiration serve as a reminder of the connections made among wrestlers, where respect and enthusiasm for one another extends beyond the staged rivalries seen on television. For fans, it’s heartening to witness the positive and supportive relationships that thrive among wrestling’s talented performers.

As the WWE Universe eagerly anticipates Nia Jax’s return to WWE RAW, it’s clear that these bonds will continue to flourish, enriching the fabric of the women’s division.


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