“Might as well add all 192 domestic cricketers to the squad if that’s how it gets strengthened”, Twitter reacts as Shahid Afridi announces that Shahnawaz Dhani, Mir Hamza and Sajid Khan have been added to strengthen the squad for the first test match against New Zealand

As we all know by now, the Pakistan Government, more particularly their Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has appointed former player Shahid Afridi as the interim chairperson of Pakistan Cricket Board or PCB. The decision was taken days after Ramiz Raja, the former chairman of PCB was removed from his position by Shahbaz Sharif. 

Well, Shahid Afridi has already started to take some exciting decisions as the interim Chairman of PCB. Today, he announced the addition of three new players to Pakistan’s squad for the upcoming test series against New Zealand that will be played on their home turf. 

Pakistan performed horribly in the previous test series against England which they ended up losing 3-0. It was a controversial series as the dead pitches of Pakistan were put to a lot of questioning. Ramiz Raja, being the Chairman of PCB, was at the center of this controversy and he could not make amends. It was for these reasons that he was removed from his position according to the Pakistan government. However, many claim that it was a political decision as Ramiz Raja was appointed by former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. 


Whatever be the case, Shahid Afridi is now the interim Chairman and he has added Shahnawaz Dhani, Mir Hamza and Sajid Khan to their test squad against New Zealand. 

“I am pleased to announce that 3 more players Shahnawaz Dhani, Mir Hamza and Sajid Khan have been added to strengthen the squad for the first test match. We are here to support the captain so he may have more option at his disposal,” he tweeted. 

Many fans liked this decision a lot and went on to say that Shahid Afridi still has the habit of hitting sixes and departing which is a pun about his interim post because he won’t remain in this post for much longer. 


Twitter Reacts:

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