Ranking Team India’s 8 Jerseys For Each Edition Of The T20 World Cup From 2007 To 2022

A cricket jersey is an essential tool of engagement between the team and the fans. Hence, we often see the cricket boards getting involved in releasing new jerseys ahead of a big event. While this would help them from a marketing perspective, they would also get a good chance to connect better with the fans. Till now, Team India has had a different jersey in all eight editions of the T20 World Cup. There were multiple reactions to the design of each jersey. On that note, here, we rank the 8 jerseys of Team India from the inaugural edition of the T20 World Cup until the 2022 T20 World Cup.

8) 2014 T20 World Cup

We have the 2014 T20 WC jersey at the bottom of the list because nothing much changed from the previous editions. The only visible difference was that the shade of blue was darkened and there was a bit of fresh design integrated into the space between the collar and the sleeves.

7) 2010 T20 World Cup

The jersey for the 2010 WC was derived from the 2009 edition’s kit. There was hardly any change and only the components of the crest region were changed. With such a big event on the offing, the stakeholders had a great opportunity to try something new and different.


6) 2021 T20 World Cup


When it comes to the colour, the 2021 edition of the Indian jersey was extremely cool and looked great on the players. However, although the concept was good, the wavy pattern across the kit did not meet the expectations of a lot of fans. Most importantly, India had to endure a terrible campaign and the jersey did not offer good luck to the Indian Team.

5) 2022 T20 World Cup

The 2022 jersey brought back the sky blue hue to the kit. While this impressed many, the additional design on the left side of the jersey consisting of a darker shade of blue also had a great impact. It now needs to be seen if the fans would like the jersey as the team continues to use it.


4) 2012 T20 World Cup

India was on a high after winning the 2011 ODI World Cup. Therefore, fans clearly had that jersey in mind. Hence, for the 2012 T20 WC, India had a more or less similar kind of jersey. This kit ticked multiple boxes and hence, gets the No.4 spot on this list. 2012 T20 WC was held in West Indies.

3) 2009 T20 World Cup

India had so far mainly had light blue or sky blue kits. However, the makers opted in for a complete makeover, bringing in a new shade of blue altogether for the Indian jersey. More of orange was poured into the colour combination and overall, the jersey looked brilliant. Also, that tournament was held in England and the backdrop further made the jersey look more cool and slick.

2) 2016 T20 World Cup

The kit makers experimented a bit when it came to the jerseys for India at the 2016 T20 World Cup. One striking feature was the collar, which had a different shape compared to the previous editions. Also, the shade of blue was something that satisfied most of the fans. Virat Kohli was in brilliant form in this edition and his peak form is associated with this jersey.


1) 2007 T20 World Cup

Light blue jerseys trigger nostalgia for the fans of Team India. Legends such as Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid are present in the minds of the fans while wearing the jersey of light-blue colours. Moreover, India won the title in 2007 and that makes the jersey even more special. Also, it needs to be noted that against the background of South Africa, the light-blue jersey looked even better. Therefore, it stands as No.1 on this list.


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