Logo of Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) decoded, new IPL franchise releases statement

Lucknow Super Giants presented the new logo of the franchise to the fans today

One of the two new IPL franchises, Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), released their logo today and it’s not too different from the logo that Rising Pune Supergiant (RPSG) had, a franchise which was owned by the same group that is currently owning Lucknow Super Giants as well.

RPSG’s logo had a pink colored ball and wooden colored wings and it was a very stylish logo. The structure of the new logo of Lucknow Super Giants is not quite different from that, but the color has changed. The wing is now of tri-color (orange, white and green), pretty much like the tri-color of the Indian national flag.

The pink colored ball in the logo of RPSG has been replaced with a blue colored bat and a red colored ball. Releasing a statement with the logo, the franchise actually explained how they eventually decided to come up with the exact design that they came up with.


The statement says that the wings that are there in the logo signify an ancient Indian bird named “Garuda” which is seen as a protector and is blessed with the ability to move quickly and smoothly. The tri-color of the wings is a tribute and respect shown towards the national flag of the country. And the bat and the ball signify the game of cricket which is the base of the franchise.

New logo of Lucknow Super Giants didn’t impress the fans

Lucknow Super Giants’ new logo, however, didn’t impress the fans much and a lot of them complained on twitter that the design is not great at all and if anything, it’s only a copy of the design of the logo of RPSG, which was a different franchise even though it was owned by the same group. In the view of the fans, there was no need for the new Lucknow franchise to copy the old logo of RPSG.

The IPL mega auction is now less than two weeks away and while Lucknow has already announced the name of the franchise and has released the logo as well, the Ahmedabad franchise is yet to announce the name and release the logo. They have picked their first three players from the draft and have announced their captain and the coach as well, but their fans are waiting for an official announcement of the name and the release of the logo.


The Ahmedabad franchise is owned by CVC capitals, while the Lucknow franchise, which is also the most expensive franchise in the history of the IPL, is owned by Sanjeev Goenka group.




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