List of Asia Cup winners from 1984 to 2022

Asia Cup is a popular tournament in the game of cricket. This tournament involves the Asian Teams fighting for the continental championship. In fact, Asia Cup is the only continental championship in the sport right now. Started in 1983, the first edition of the tournament was held in 1984. So far, 15 editions of the competitions have been held. In the beginning, Asia Cup was only an ODI contest. However, a few years ago, it was decided that the tournament will be held alternatively in the ODI and T20I format. As per the plan, every two years, Asia Cup must happen. However, due to various years, this pattern has not been followed. On that note, here, we take a look at the Asia Cup winners list.

Asia Cup winners list

Asia Cup has, so far, been shared between India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka only. However, in recent years, the likes of Bangladesh and Afghanistan have started to threaten this dominance. That said, these nations will require some unreal performances to defeat the established nations.

On that note, here is the list of the winners of the event till now:

  • 1984 – India
  • 1986 – Sri Lanka
  • 1988 – India
  • 1990/91 – India
  • 1995 – India
  • 1997 – Sri Lanka
  • 2000 – Pakistan
  • 2004 – Sri Lanka
  • 2008 – Sri Lanka
  • 2010 – India
  • 2012 – Pakistan
  • 2014 – Sri Lanka
  • 2016 – India
  • 2018 – India
  • 2022 – Sri Lanka

Team India is still at the top of the list

India has won the title seven times till now. The first edition was won by India and in 1988, as well, the country won the title. In the next decade, too, India was dominant. However, after 1995, India found it hard to win the competition. They had to wait for 15 years to next win the Asia Cup. In recent years, though, India has been dominant. The 2016 and 2018 editions also fell into India’s account.


2022 was a disappointment, though. Despite having a strong squad, the men in blue failed to deliver. That said, the squad is heading in the right direction. They will be keen to make amends in the coming years.

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