Latest Update On Austin Theory Following Brutal Injury On WWE SmackDown

In the latest episode of WWE SmackDown on January 12, 2024, fans witnessed an electrifying clash between Austin Theory and Carmelo Hayes, which took an unexpected turn, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

The intensity of the match reached a pinnacle when a high-flying maneuver went awry, resulting in an unfortunate landing for both wrestlers. The referee, quick to assess the gravity of the situation, signaled the infamous “X” position, indicating a potential injury, leading to the abrupt halt of the match. This unforeseen incident left both Theory and Hayes with facial contusions, adding a layer of unpredictability to the night’s events.

Following the incident, reports emerged on Wrestling Observer Radio, where Bryan Alvarez provided insights into Austin Theory’s current status. The wrestler is now undergoing a rigorous medical protocol, hinting at the possibility of a more severe impact than initially perceived. This unexpected twist in the narrative has left fans anxiously awaiting updates on Theory’s condition, sparking discussions across the wrestling community.


How did Austin Theory get injured on WWE SmackDown?

The turning point of the match occurred when Austin Theory, known for his daring maneuvers, attempted a running Spanish Fly variation with Carmelo Hayes perched on the top turnbuckle. However, in a twist of fate, Hayes’ head collided with Theory’s face, prompting immediate intervention from the referee. The severity of the impact led to the official calling for medical assistance, casting a shadow over the outcome of the match and the future of both wrestlers.

Carmelo Hayes, in a remarkable turn of events, burst onto the SmackDown scene towards the end of the previous year. His emergence was highlighted by his participation in the WWE United States Championship No.1 Contenders Tournament, where he showcased his prowess and resilience. The backstage segment, featuring Hayes and SmackDown GM Nick Aldis, added layers to his character, discussing his aspirations and chances in the upcoming Royal Rumble.

In an unexpected backstage confrontation, Austin Theory and Grayson Waller found themselves entangled in a war of words, setting the stage for the highly anticipated showdown between Hayes and Theory later in the show. The tension escalated as the two charismatic wrestlers exchanged verbal blows, captivating the audience and foreshadowing the explosive match that awaited them.


WWE SmackDown on January 12, 2024, will be remembered for its unpredictable twists and turns, captivating the audience with unscripted drama. The collision between Austin Theory and Carmelo Hayes not only halted a riveting match but also raised questions about the resilience and recovery of these two talented athletes. As the wrestling community awaits updates on Theory’s condition and speculates about the future of the ongoing feud, the aftermath of this night will undoubtedly reverberate through future SmackDown episodes.

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