“I’ve Made It Perfectly Clear”- John Cena Drops A Bombshell About His WWE Future

The return of John Cena to WWE has taken the wrestling world by storm. However, it appears that his latest stint in the squared circle may be relatively short-lived, as the looming end of the SAG-AFTRA Strike is set to send him back to Hollywood.

Ringside News recently revealed in a story how after the SAG-AFTRA Strike interfered with his Hollywood commitments. John Cena restarted conversations with WWE about his return. WWE, which notably lacks a union, presented Cena with a chance he couldn’t pass up.

Cena was recently asked whether Hollywood will call him back once the strike is over at a press conference that followed Fastlane. It was clear from Cena’s statement that he would leave the WWE if that happened. This approaching change is necessary due to the complex logistics of film projects and the corresponding liability insurance.


When will John Cena leave WWE?

Cena further on the subject, reiterating his dedication to both of his vocations, said it would not only be impossible to juggle the tight schedules of WWE and Hollywood at the same time, but it would also be unethical because it may endanger the lives of numerous people in the event of unanticipated disasters.

“I’ve made it perfectly clear that you can’t do both because of the liability insurance, and if I were to try to juggle both, then that would be selfish because I would put a lot of people out of work if something happened to me,” Cena elucidated during the press conference.

He openly admitted that the continuing strike had forced him to temporarily put a particular project on hold, and that the timing of its settlement would determine when he could start shooting again. Cena’s devotion to upholding the integrity of his obligations on both fronts was highlighted by his love for his work and feeling of responsibility in the workplace.


Although Cena’s return to WWE has been nothing short of thrilling, his time there will unfortunately come to an end. He acknowledged this and said that while his current engagement was not his last, the end of his WWE appearances was surely approaching.

The enthusiasm and excitement that Cena’s return has brought to WWE programming is undeniable. Even he acknowledged that he had not anticipated the experience to be as good as it was. As Cena’s current tenure progresses, fans excitedly await each new story, but his impending departure is becoming closer.


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