Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks) Confesses Having A Crush On Hollywood Megastar

Sasha Banks may have fallen apart with WWE, yet the WWE Universe knows that her presence means everything to her no matter where she wrestles. Currently signed to New Japan Pro Wrestling, she is plying her trade under the ring name of Mercedes Mone.


The 31-year-old wrestler’s real name is Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado, and she continues to bring her own brand of carnage to an already brutal stage in NJPW. Not only is she battling for NJPW, but she also appears on their sister promotion called World Wonder Ring Stardom.

She began her wrestling career in 2010 in the independent circuit, most known for her stint with chaotic wrestling, bagging the championship of the promotion. It was in 2012 when she first signed with WWE under the ring name of Sasha Banks.


Here is what Sasha Banks may have to look at if WWE needs to get her back

Well, whenever we talk about WWE superstars and particularly someone as gorgeous as Sasha Banks, well one of the most common things that we talk about is her crush. What makes her crush special? Well, the answer is simple, it’s her Hollywood connection, because her crush was none other than the one of the most glamorous action heroes of all time, Vin Diesel.

The crush factor is one prevalent theme that is going predominant in the business and WWE has made so many storylines surrounding it while real life stories have also taken shape only because of this factor. May it be the most gorgeous diva in the main roster, or may it be the NXT champions, this theme continues to dictate the terms in the business.

Well, fans want Sasha Banks to return to WWE, but things don’t really seem great for the star in the upcoming future. WWE has laid down a proviso which suits only the company, and it is highly unlikely that she would come back to arena in the near future.


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