“It’s looking like Delhi Capitals jersey”, Fans on X react to RCB’s jersey for IPL 2024

The much-awaited RCB Unbox event happened in Bengaluru. Like every season, the franchise also released a new jersey for the upcoming campaign. Here, we take a look at how fans on X reacted to RCB’s jersey for IPL 2024.

RCB will sport a new shade for IPL 2024

In the last few seasons, RCB had one of the best kits in the league. The red-black-gold combination was a solid one and it looked well on the screen, as well. Even the training kits were top-class and many fans were really impressed with the combination.

However, RCB has surprised the fans by going for a completely different shade for the next season. They would retain the red part of the jersey while blue is now a part of the kit. Unlike the earlier seasons, this blue is more close to being sky blue. Hence, since the jersey had a massive change, there were many reactions in the media.


Fans on X react to RCB’s jersey for IPL 2024

PUMA is the official kit sponsor of RCB. Hence, there were a lot of expectations from them. However, most of the fans were not happy with the new jersey. Blue is a colour that almost every franchise in the league has on its jersey. For the viewers, it is a bit boring, as well. RCB was one franchise that tried to experiment in this aspect. Their cool design helped the franchise gain more fans and helped in their merchandise sales, as well. However, it is a bit shocking that they have gone for a completely different colour, when the jersey was changed drastically just two years ago. Now, there is a mega-auction likely to happen for IPL 2025. There would be new players and the management could change the jersey again. On that note, here is how fans reacted to the new jersey of the team:


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