‘It’s absolutely necessary to have these types of players’-Kiran More heaps praise on Hardik Pandya’s strong comeback

Hardik Pandya has been making a significant impact with the bat and the ball for the Indian squad as of late, and Kiran More, a former Indian wicketkeeper and selector, has expressed his admiration for Pandya’s performances.

The all-rounder did not contribute much to the 2021 Twenty20 World Cup, and many people began to doubt his role in the squad as a result of his poor performance. Pandya spent some time away from the sport, focused on his fitness, and then returned with a vengeance, guiding the Gujarat Titans to their first ever Indian Premier League championship.

What did Kiran More say about Hardik Pandya?

His leadership was so good that he was given the opportunity to captain the Men in Blue in the Twenty20 International series against Ireland as well as the Twenty20 International match against the West Indies. The following is what More had to say about the return of the 28-year-old while he was speaking to Star Sports:


“The manner in which Hardik Pandya has returned to form, now bowling at speeds of 140-147 kilometers per hour It is necessary for the team to have players who can bowl four overs, take wickets, score runs for the team, and finish the game. Such individuals can only be added to the squad when the captain acquires a player who can do all of these things.”

During the post-match presentation after India’s 4-1 victory over West Indies, Pandya was questioned about whether or not he would be interested in being the full-time captain in the future.

He said: “Yeah! Why shouldn’t I? In the event that I am given the chance to do so in the future, I will jump at the chance with both feet. Nevertheless, we are now competing in both the World Cup and the Asia Cup (coming up). We are going to focus our attention there and see to it that, as a group, whatever it is that we are doing, we keep doing it. In addition, we are going to see to it that the various skill sets that we are acquiring allow us to continue to improve while, at the same time, we continue to have fun playing the game.”


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