Is there a way of Daniel Bryan returning to WWE and if it happens who should he face on return?

The American Dragon has lived a full life in the wrestling circuit and with that being said, he is someone capable of unleashing absolute fury. As far as the latest announcement goes, Daniel Bryan or now known as Bryan Danielson will be hanging his boots once and for all after his contract with AEW runs out. As per Daniel Bryan’s latest statement, he will be focusing on being a full-time father which means any chances of him coming back to the circuit gets ruled out.

However, this is not the first time where Bryan has promised to call it a day in wrestling. The question is once after his contract comes to an end with AEW, what follows suit? Can there be a WWE return? And if so who should be the ones facing him?

As things stand right now, chances are on the limited sides that he will make a footfall again in WWE. But as they say once you are in the entertainment industry, never say never. With all sorts of creatives flying around and even the almost unbreachable CM Punk coming down to business after a decade of absence from WWE, Bryan can also return.


But this goes without a saying that it will at least be a while before he hits the ring back if he does. Now getting back to the one that he may face on return, there are countless such opponents who would love to have a piece of Bryan. However, in all likelihood, he may be returning as a babyface which kind of throws him at the deep end.

However, with all of that being said, people would love to see him taking on his former foes, especially the ones that made him the icon. Out of all of them, if there are two names that still prevail are that of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. It’s hard to say if he arrives and when he arrives, who should be free for a creative for Bryan but these two would of course bring out the best in him as who have forgotten what it took for Bryan to brave the Shield.


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