Is Jade Cargill the new big thing in WWE Women’s roster?

Ever since she has stepped foot in the WWE, the world is a mess for she is ruling the roost with an iron fist. Jade Cargill has set the industry ablaze with her absolutely frenetic display of skill, power and charisma. Cargill’s maiden appearance came in the WWE Royal Rumble and she was a force to reckon with.

Following that her appearances started getting regular in WWE and the shows that she has put up is nothing short of heroic. She has rocked and rolled and the iconic celebration of her while pinning her opponent, well that takes everyone by storm literally. So why is she the next big thing in industry?

#1 Her sheer muscle power

Cargill is someone who boasts power as good as that of Rhea Ripley and Chyna. The power that she has makes her absolutely different from others and when she chooses to take her opponents for a toss, she ensures that she is displaying that power. From the brutal body slams to the mighty strikes, Cargill is here to stay and that power of hers, that is just a prelude to the Goddess.


#2 Cargill’s promos are top notch

It isn’t just in WWE but AEW witnessed her promo abilities first hand. Her mic skills are too good and the kind of fights that she follows them up with, sets her apart from the others. She reigns supreme with her charismatic presence and she ensures the fact that she is dishing out those razor-edge words that will cut down her opponents in half.

#3 An impressive pedigree

She has been mentored by the iconic Mark Henry before she joined the Face 2 Face wrestling school where she was trained by Heath Slater, Ron Simmons and Teddy Long. She then joined Nightmare Factory where she was being coached by Q.T Marshall and Dusty Rhodes. When she joined AEW, there she was trained by Sonjay Dutt, the former TNA star and the former WWE legend, Bryan Danielson.


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