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Who Are The Owners Of Chennai Super Kings?

If a couple of teams are synonymous with the title of being the most successful teams in IPL, barring Mumbai the other moniker will always be Chennai Super Kings.

The team has boasted about a glittering past and Dhoni has spearheaded the Yellow Army from the very front. Not only has he established a force worth reckoning but he also led a comeback so strong that one can only dream of it after being banished from the tournament for a couple of seasons.

Now, other than the players, it is always said that the management and the owners play a significant part in the hauls of a successful team. Similarly, there is a lion’s share of credit due to the successful owners of Chennai who have been with the team from low to high.

In this story, we will identify the owners of CSK, a team that has established itself firmly in the heart of the Indian Premier League.

Chennai Super Kings is owned by Chennai Super Kings Private Limited. This, however, transpired after a change of hands from Chennai’s initial owners India cements.

The former owners of Chennai, India Cements won the bid for CSK in 2008 and established a kingdom so vast that one could only anticipate such growth in the stories of the folklore. The company itself was found in 1946.

In 2015, Chennai suffered a tainted history when their owners were divested of the ownership after being embroiled in the match-fixing scandal. Then to save Chennai from the blushes of further humiliation, Chennai Super Kings Private Ltd took over the reins of the company.

How much do the company earn from IPL?

Chennai Super Kings Privated Ltd beheld a double growth in its valuation in a solitary year. Trading at Rs 30 per share and a market value of Rs 1000 crores in the unlisted market, it embraced exorbitant growth when it opened up its shares to the public.

With all said and done, the success that CSK has managed to register as a team has also helped the management to grow by leaps and bounds.


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