IPL and UAE T20 League: Here is how UAE T20 League is completely different from IPL

The trending topic of discussion in T20 cricket is the emergence of new leagues. The UAE T20 League or the International League T20 is one of the newest addition to this list. While the format is likely to remain the same, at its core, the International League T20 is different from other leagues such as the IPL. Here, we take a look at the reason why the UAE T20 League is completely different from the IPL.

IPL and UAE T20 League are quite different from each other

The Indian Premier League is a domestic T20 competition. Essentially, it means that only four foreigners are allowed in the playing XI while the majority of the squad members will be from India. Most of the tournaments have followed this format.

In between, we have also seen tournaments such as the T10 League, wherein the squad composition has no criteria. Along similar lines, the UAE T20 League is an “international” league and a maximum of nine overseas players will be allowed in the playing XI. The idea is to formulate a financially viable league while also improving the talent domestically. This feature makes the UAE League very different from the Indian Premier League.


It is a mad rush in the cricketing calendar

Meanwhile, there is a rush on the cricketing calendar for slots by various leagues. CSA T20 League and the UAE T20 League are competing directly for a slot in the calendar next year. Hence, there is a competition to procure the best players by offering them good financial opportunities.

That said, the window between March and May is dedicated solely to the IPL. With two more teams, IPL needs more time and with the kind of revenue that it generates, it automatically will occupy a chunk of the calendar. There are reports that we could also expect a Women’s IPL from 2023.


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