IPL 2021 Now Faces A Much-Deeper Crisis With Its Indefinite Suspension

IPL 2021: Indian cricket fans found it extremely difficult to get acclimatized with the situation as IPL was postponed indefinitely. As per the cricketing schedules in place, hopes of IPL resuming before the World T20 championship are very dim. Despite the controversies and debate that raged across the nation, many deemed this to be the solitary hope and a bout of reprieve in the middle of nowhere.

However, with the indefinite suspension of the Indian Premier League due to Covid concerns, a new problem has sprung up in front of the foreigners who were a part of the tournament as most of the countries have issued a travel ban from India.

IPL 2021: Current statuses of arrival in different countries from India:

Australia has issued a moratorium on any kind of travel from India given the vertiginous rise of the number of cases across the nation. Currently, there is a plan of transporting the Australian players, staff and commentators to the Maldives in order to ensure their safety.


England is still allowing the flying of residents or nationals back to their home, however, this must be accompanied by a 10-day quarantine and a couple of tests will have to be done in this reclusion period.

New Zealand has got better news for its citizens as it is allowing them to arrive back to the country with a 14-day isolation period.

South Africa is the only nation that has kept its borders open and is allowing everyone to arrive back in the country.


Bangladesh has suspended any kinds of arrival via flights. One can travel through the ground but has to fulfill a criterion of a 14-day quarantine period.

UAE has prohibited flights from India despite being a key location for flights to land while flying to other countries.

With all these requisites in place, things are looking extremely dim and may have severe implications for the entire tournament in the future and also for the players who are away from home plying their trade.


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