Unhappy Ravindra Jadeja reportedly in no contact with CSK management since last IPL, talks might resume in November

Ravindra Jadeja hasn't seemed to have moved on from his sacking as CSK captain in the middle of the last IPL season

It has been reported by the Times of India that CSK’s premier allrounder Ravindra Jadeja, who also captained them in the first few games of the last season, has broken all contacts with the team management and the talks are only likely to resume in November this year when the IPL contracts will be up for renewal.

It’s now clear that Ravindra Jadeja was very unhappy after being removed from CSK captaincy in the middle of the last season and he has also deleted all the photos that he had uploaded on his Instagram account with his CSK teammates.

But, his contract with CSK is not yet terminated because he has not talked to the CSK management at all and even the captain MS Dhoni, under whom Jadeja didn’t just flourish in international cricket, but also in IPL, hasn’t had the opportunity to talk to Jadeja.


The reports say that the IPL contracts will be up for renewal later in the year and if some other IPL franchise comes to CSK with a trading request for Jadeja, there will have to be a conversation between Jadeja and the CSK management and that’s where Dhoni might have the opportunity to try and change Jadeja’s mind.

Ravindra Jadeja seems to be seeking a way out of CSK at the moment

The way things currently stand, it seems Ravindra Jadeja wants a way out of CSK, but CSK would want to convince him because his presence in the playing XI makes sure CSK has a domestic batting option in the middle order and also a genuine domestic bowling option.


It is believed that the CSK captain MS Dhoni, after handing over the captaincy to Jadeja at the start of the last IPL season, felt that the captaincy was affecting Jadeja’s individual performances, which was why Dhoni himself and the CSK team management decided for a switch in captaincy again and Dhoni took the leadership position back so that Jadeja could focus on his own game.


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