Injured WWE Superstar Demands Nia Jax’s Removal from WWE RAW

In a recent turn of events, the WWE RAW locker room has become a battleground of tension and fury, with one injured superstar, Chelsea Green, demanding nothing less than Nia Jax’s expulsion from the show.

The clash between Chelsea Green and Nia Jax intensified after a recent RAW segment took a painful toll on Green. Taking to her Twitter account, Green shared the extent of her suffering, hinting at a brutal encounter inside the ring. Green didn’t hold back, bestowing upon Nia Jax the unflattering nickname of “Nia ‘Sasquatch’ Jax.”

Adding to the drama, Chelsea Green was conspicuously missing from the latest episode of WWE RAW, raising questions about whether her injury, a painful hematoma on her elbow, played a role in her absence. Nevertheless, Green didn’t let her absence deter her from demanding swift and severe action against Nia Jax for her actions the previous week.


Why does Chelsea Green want Nia Jax to be banned from WWE?



In a surprising twist, Nia Jax not only made an appearance on RAW but also received a promo spot, which only fueled Chelsea Green’s rage. Green channeled her frustration toward WWE official Adam Pearce, openly criticizing him for allowing Jax to maintain a presence on the show.

“Nia Jax should be BANNED after what she did last week!!! -1000/10 business decision to bring her back,” Chelsea Green tweeted.


Nia Jax’s actions have undeniably turned her into an unpopular figure in the WWE locker room, uniting fellow superstars against her. As tensions escalate and alliances form, the demand for her immediate removal from WWE RAW grows louder and more resolute. The pressing question now is whether WWE will heed these calls and address the mounting concerns surrounding Nia Jax’s actions.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Nia Jax recently declared herself as the baddest human in all of WWE.


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