“Imagine India and Pakistan sharing a trophy,” Twitter reacts to weather forecast of Melbourne which predicts rain on final day as well as on reserve day of T20 World Cup 2022

Weather has played a spoilsport in many games of the ongoing T20 World Cup so far

The weather has played a spoilsport in a lot of games of the ongoing T20 World Cup so far. However, as the tournament progressed and started to reach its business end, the weather improved and there haven’t been too many rain interruptions in the last few games.

But, as per the forecast of the weather department in Australia, the weather might again come into the picture for the final match of the tournament which will take place on Sunday. Pakistan has already made their way to the finals by beating New Zealand yesterday and the second finalists of the T20 World Cup 2022 will be decided later today in the game between India and England.

There is a reserve day for the final, so even if the match doesn’t get completed on Sunday, it can go into the next day and the match doesn’t have to re-start from the scratch the next day. It can start from the point it was stopped on Sunday if it does start on Sunday.


But, the problem is that the weather forecast suggests there are high chances of rain on both Sunday and Monday. It’s not that the weather forecast is dodgy just on Sunday, it is dodgy even for the reserve day and in case the match doesn’t get completed on the reserve day as well, then the trophy will have to be shared by the two finalists.

ICC has put a condition in place specifically for T20 World Cup knockouts

A condition that has been put specifically in place by ICC for the T20 World Cup knockouts is that there has to be a minimum of 10 overs in each innings to constitute a game. Generally, in T20 international cricket, a minimum of 5 overs in each innings constitute a game, but for the knockouts, a minimum of 10 overs in each innings will be required.

If there is rain interruption on both Sunday and Monday, the organizers will hope that they get enough time to dry the outfield so that at least 20 overs can be played over the period of two days at MCG.


Here is how the fans reacted on Twitter to the weather forecast of the final –




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