“I’m serious and I’m just saying this”- Booker T Gives Honest Opinion On Former WWE Star Dana Brooke

In professional wrestling, opinions and perspectives often clash, giving rise to discussions that captivate the audience. Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, took center stage as he dissected a candid statement from Dana Brooke regarding the company’s perceived lack of belief in her abilities.

In this comprehensive article, we unravel Booker T’s thoughts and delve into the nuances of his disagreement with the former WWE superstar.

A New Chapter: Ash By Elegance Joins TNA Wrestling

Before delving into Booker T’s perspective, let’s first acknowledge a significant development in the wrestling world. Ash By Elegance, formerly known as the 24/7 Champion, has embarked on a new journey by signing with TNA Wrestling. This talented individual is poised to leave an indelible mark in the ring, adding a fresh dynamic to the wrestling landscape.


The Grievance of Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke, a talented wrestler who parted ways with WWE in September last year, opened up about her stint with the company in a recent interview. Expressing her feelings of being overlooked, Brooke highlighted the perceived lack of belief and confidence that WWE had in her abilities. This revelation sparked a series of discussions within the wrestling community.

Booker T’s Counterargument about Dana Brooke

In a recent episode of the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T took the opportunity to address Dana Brooke’s claims. Contrary to her perspective, the wrestling legend argued that WWE had provided Brooke with ample opportunities to connect with the audience. Booker T’s viewpoint emphasizes the importance of wrestlers taking charge of their own destinies, rather than relying solely on the company’s creative decisions.

Booker T articulated his belief that success in professional wrestling is not merely handed out; it’s earned through captivating performances and fan engagement. He didn’t shy away from making direct comparisons between Dana Brooke and established WWE superstars like Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley, and Asuka. He questioned whether Brooke had consistently outperformed these seasoned talents in the ring. This critical analysis highlights the competitive nature of professional wrestling, where performers are constantly vying for the spotlight.


The WWE Hall of Famer emphasized the pivotal moments that occur during matches, where wrestlers have the chance to prove their mettle. Booker T challenged Dana Brooke to seize these opportunities and showcase her prowess in the ring. The underlying message is clear – success is not only about scripted storylines but about making an impact when it matters most.

“Personally, I don’t look at it that way. I thought Dana Brooke had a lot of chances to actually get over with the fans. That’s what I always talk about as far as people looking for the company to write something for them, looking for the company to give them the ball and let them do this, you know, win the title, all that kind of stuff. I always thought, I’m serious and I’m just saying this, I always thought you make the company write for you by going out there and making the fans come up out their d**n seats,” said Booker T.

“You gotta earn the spot. I mean, do you see Dana Brooke going out and outperforming Sasha Banks? Charlotte? Bayley? Asuka? Do you see her going out there and outshining any of those girls? When you’re in a match, you get that opportunity. I’ve seen Dana Brooke in several matches, that’s what I’m talking about. When you’re in a match you get a chance to prove how good you are in the match, whether you go up or down,” he added.


Booker T’s insights provide a valuable perspective shift, encouraging aspiring wrestlers to approach their careers with a proactive mindset. The wrestling legend’s words serve as a reminder that success is a culmination of talent, hard work, and the ability to stand out in a highly competitive industry.


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