“If you put Bradman in the bubble, his average will come down,” Ravi Shastri admits Indian players were affected by bubble life

Ravi Shastri believes the Indian team was not as switched on as the other teams in T20 World Cup 2021

Ravi Shastri doesn’t think there should be too much of a concern about Virat Kohli’s lack of runs in recent times because anyone who will play such a lot of cricket in the bubble will be affected at some point and that will reflect in the performance.


Talking about Sir Don Bradman, who is regarded by many as the best ever batsman to grace the game of cricket, Shastri said if Bradman also had to play his cricket in the bubble, like the current cricketers are playing, there is a good chance his test match average of 99.94 would have come down as well.

Ravi Shastri admitted that the bubble life is taking its toll on the players a bit too much now because it’s been there for almost two years. “I don’t read too much into Virat’s form. If you put even Don Bradman in the bubble, his average will come down. Eventually, the bubble will burst,” Shastri said while responding to a question in the post-match press conference.


Shastri opines the scheduling of games could have been better

Shastri insisted he doesn’t want to throw around an excuse and it’s not a problem losing a game while trying to win, but to try to win, you have to be switched on. The X factor has to be there, which was not there in India’s case in the first two matches against Pakistan and New Zealand because they were on the road for a long time.

According to Shastri, the scheduling could have been better and it might have been done in a way where the players could have got a bit of a break somewhere between the England tour, the IPL and the T20 World Cup. They didn’t get any.

Shastri is, however, very confident that at some stage, this current Indian team will get the “only missing piece” in its legacy which is an ICC trophy, because other than that, they have beaten teams everywhere around the world, at home and away from home.



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