“I Think Cena Would Admit That”- Maven Says John Cena Is Not The Best Wrestler

Maven, renowned as one of today’s most popular pro wrestling YouTubers, recently found himself in the eye of a storm of controversy after making a candid comment about John Cena’s wrestling prowess. Maven’s YouTube channel has gained a devoted following very rapidly, experiencing a spectacular surge.

The 46-year-old addressed the criticism he received for his comment during a live session on his channel, reaffirming his position and praising The Cenation Leader. The main point of Maven’s remark was that John Cena might not have been the greatest wrestler.

This opinion sparked strong reactions from a wide range of fans. Maven stated his viewpoint in defence of Cena, pointing out that the actor may even admit that wrestling wasn’t his best sport. Even yet, he praised Cena’s remarkable talent for self-promotion and star power while admitting that, even in a hundred lifetimes, he could never aspire to become as famous as Cena became. He also expressed his respect for Cena’s budding Hollywood career and his philanthropic work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


What’s next for John Cena in WWE?

Indeed, John Cena’s pro wrestling career is approaching its twilight, a fact he acknowledges. While Cena makes periodic returns to WWE television, he recognizes that the end of his in-ring journey is drawing near. In a recent behind-the-scenes interview with WWE, Cena candidly addressed his future in professional wrestling, describing each opportunity to perform in the ring as increasingly special.

With the milestone of 46 years behind him and 47 on the horizon, coupled with over two decades of unwavering commitment to the industry, he is compelled to contemplate what lies ahead.

Maven’s history in WWE is closely intertwined with John Cena’s rapid ascent in the company. However, their careers followed divergent paths, with Maven’s WWE tenure concluding shortly after Cena secured his inaugural WWE Championship. Regrettably, fate never scripted a singles encounter between the two during their time in the squared circle.


Maven provides an original viewpoint on the legacy of legendary wrestler John Cena because he is not afraid to voice his honest ideas and stand by them. Even while discussions about who the “greatest wrestler” is are still very much alive, there is no denying that Cena has made a lasting impact on the business.

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