“History made at the Lusail”, Twitter divided as Argentina slumps down to Saudi Arabians

It was chaos at the Lusail Stadium as two teams, weighed differently in terms of the world ranking index, in terms of individualities and in terms of the greats of the game involved, went claws and fangs at each other’s throat with the first major upset of the tournament being registered as Argentina was floored by the likes of a resolute Saudi Arabia.

Despite a lead in the opening half coming from the spot as Lionel Messi banged home the penalty to impart a lead to the Argentine contingent, Saudi Arabia kept on clawing desperately on the surface and eventually banged down the doors in the second half to leave Messi and company with a sour taste in their mouth.

As early as just 8 minutes, Argentina bagged the opportunity to surge ahead Al Bulahayi slammed into Paredes inside the box. Messi stepped up and calmly rolled the ball into the back of the net, signposting his greatness across the eons.


Thanks to a stroke of luck, a slightly early run from Lautaro Martinez allowed Saudi Arabia to breathe a sigh of reprieve as the second goal from Argentina that could have possibly put the game to bed was ruled out.

Despite all the huff and puff from the Men in Blue, the second half saw a completely different Saudi Arabian side injecting the needle of determination and hard work into their fabric as the Argentine rearguard started shaking.

Here is what Twitter had to say about Argentina vs Saudi Arabia

It was in the 48th minute when Saleh Alshehri smashed the equalizer sending the KSA crowd into an inexplicable bout of frenzy. Even before the Argentine unit could realise what had exactly unravelled at the other end, Salem Aldawsari hammered home the all-important leading goal that left Argentina stuttering and scrambling. Despite all their belligerence, lack of cohesion amongst the team members cost them dearly.


Twitter came alive in the brightest of colours as one of the major contenders for this year’s title faltered early in the contest.


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