Here is the scenario for all the remaining games of IPL 2024 for RCB to qualify for the playoffs

Royal Challengers Bengaluru secured their second victory in IPL 2024 by defeating SRH on Thursday. While it is hard for the side to reach the playoffs after a long losing streak, mathematically, they still have a chance. Of course, a lot of things have to go their way. On that note, here, we take a look at the scenario for all the remaining games of IPL 2024 for RCB to qualify for the playoffs.

A fan provides the exact scenario for RCB to reach IPL 2024 playoffs

RCB is a franchise with a loyal fanbase. Despite the struggles of the team almost in every season, the fans make sure that they back the side. Hence, despite such a poor campaign, so far, the fans have still not lost hope of reaching the playoffs.

An RCB fan took some effort in finding out the exact scenario which will help RCB qualify for the playoffs. As per this scenario sheet, at the end of the league stage, RCB will stand at No.4 with seven wins and 14 points.



A tough task for the team

If RCB has any chance of reaching the playoffs, it is first with them. They have to win all of their remaining games to even give themselves a mathematical chance. However, at the moment, it looks to be very hard for the side, especially with the form of some of the players.

Even against SRH, RCB made plenty of errors, which fortunately did not bite them back thanks to the brilliant display by the bowlers. The first aspect in the batting unit, which must be more decisive in scoring their runs. The bowlers need to be more accurate and should display good confidence. Faf du Plessis, as a skipper, must take more aggressive call. He must try to gain some victories with his tactics on the field.


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