Here Is The Real Reason Why Bray Wyatt Returned To WWE At Extreme Rules 2022

Bray Wyatt finally resurfaced back to the WWE last night at Extreme Rules. After weeks of hints and teasers surrounding the White Rabbit, the truth is now out in the open. But what was the reason behind Bray Wyatt making up his mind to finally return to WWE at Extreme Rules 2022.

The final segment of the show saw the Face of Fear make his jaw-dropping return after a year away from the company. Furthermore, he has now given his first words after making his WWE comeback. Wyatt was arguably a mainstream star in the WWE during his last run, with world title reigns and main event matches and storylines. Therefore, He is often considered a marquee attraction. However, in a shocking turn of events, he was released in 2021.

Wyatt was notably absent from major public appearances for an entire year. He was even reported to pursue other projects apart from wrestling. Moreover, there were also rumors of Wyatt joining All Elite Wrestling. That could have worked out, had Vince McMahon would still be in charge today.


But ever since Triple H took over as Head of Creative and brought back former top-tier talent to the WWE, Wyatt’s return was foreseen. Furthermore, the mysterious vignettes surrounding the White Rabbit QR code mystery ignited the fuel further. The last teaser provided a major hint of the mystery being unveiled at WWE Extreme Rules.

The first words of Bray Wyatt after his WWE comeback reveal the reason why he returned at Extreme Rules

As the show was going off the air, the arena went dark and fireflies illuminated the entire Wells Fargo Center. After former Firefly funhouse characters made appearances one after the other, the last one emerged. A latern came in sight and the person holding it was the mystical Bray Wyatt, signaling the return of darkness to the WWE.

The fans went wild on seeing the reemergence of Bray Wyatt back to the WWE. One fan posted a video showing her excitement on Twitter and the Eater of Worlds responded to her: “This is why. I missed you too. All of you.” Hence, it looks like the reason why Bray Wyatt returned to WWE at Extreme Rules is because he missed the fans.



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