Here Is The Probable Reason Why Bray Wyatt Is Not In WWE Draft 2023

Bray Wyatt’s sudden disappearance from WWE again after returning in more than an year has shocked the WWE Universe. Wyatt hasn’t been on TV since March 2023. Fans are now wondering if he will even be part of the WWE Draft.

Wyatt’s last televised match was the unique Pitch-Black match at the Royal Rumble where he defeated LA Knight. He then started a feud with The All Mighty Bobby Lashley, and they were going to have a match at WrestleMania 39. But the match didn’t happen and both superstars remained absent from the Grandest Show of Them All.

While WWE has been quiet about Wyatt’s whereabouts, wrestling veteran Konnan has shed some light on Bray’s MIA status.


He revealed that an undisclosed WWE wrestler has told him that Wyatt has some secret physical condition preventing his return. Konnan said, “…somebody told me this in WWE, one of the wrestlers, that there’s something wrong with him physically. So, I don’t know if he’s injured or what, but yeah.”

Is Bray Wyatt not performing in WWE due to Vince McMahon?

Some fans also believe Wyatt is deliberately not returning as Vince McMahon has returned. McMahon was behind Wyatt losing all big matches in his career and he is infamous for liking bodybuilders and not chubby wrestlers like Bray.

WWE had revealed that the WWE Draft would be a two-night event starting on the April 28th edition of SmackDown. It will be ending on the May 1st edition of RAW. Triple H, WWE’s Head of Creative, had announced that all superstars will be eligible for the draft.


In a WWE Draft poster released by WWE, all superstars are visible except Wyatt and a few injured wrestlers. This could be an indication that he probably won’t be a part of the Draft. Bray Wyatt’s status still remains a mystery, much like his character. With Wyatt, his associate Uncle Howdy is missing as well.

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