Heartbreaking Update About Seth Rollins Outside WWE – Reports

Seth Rollins has been ruled out of action until WrestleMania and it may even be more as per reports after he injured himself in a match against Jinder Mahal in a house show.

Things went horribly wrong for Rollins despite him keeping the title to himself after a brutal battle and as far as reports go, it is still very dicey for the big man himself to assure that when would he actually come back.


Apparently there is another news that has surfaced of late and it has started doing some serious rounds which state that Seth Rollins was about to hit his Hollywood stride by being a part of the iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) but then the role that he was plotted to be a part of, was deleted later, eventually stalling the inevitable.

Here is why Seth Rollins would have been a perfect fit for the Serpent Society

In a report released by Marvel Film News on X, it says that The Serpent Society that was supposed to be introduced in one of their new released series called Captain America: Brave New World. However, after editing the series for the first round, the producers felt that this society for the moment was irrelevant and hence decided to let it go.

Guess what, Seth was supposed to be a part of the Serpent Society so maybe and just maybe, that could have been a bonus for the critically acclaimed series but then it eventually did find much joys and was dubbed as something mediocre in hope of the fact that Marvel can do better.



The Serpent Society is an association for villains with snake-like powers and they would eventually do villainous jobs taking the assignments for organizations such as Hydra, the Maggia, Kingpin and AIM. Talk about villains and heels in the same breath and the Visionary would do just fine.

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