Here Is The Reason Why Jinder Mahal Did Not Win World Heavyweight Championship On WWE RAW

In the most recent episode of WWE Raw, fans were treated to an electrifying match as Jinder Mahal squared off against Seth Rollins in a heated battle for the prestigious World Heavyweight Championship. The clash promised intense moments and potential twists, but what unfolded left the WWE universe buzzing.

Contrary to expectations, the company made a strategic decision against a potential title change, opting to maintain Seth Rollins as the World Heavyweight Champion. The stakes were high, the action was intense, but Mahal’s aspirations for championship glory were thwarted.

Insider reports from Fightful Select reveal that there was no contemplation within the WWE ranks regarding the possibility of Jinder Mahal dethroning Seth Rollins. The same lack of consideration extended to Damian Priest and any potential cash-in from his Money in the Bank contract.



Behind the Scenes Insights on Jinder Mahal

Lasting approximately 13 minutes, the Mahal-Rollins bout had the added element of Indus Sher being present throughout the entire match. This presence raised speculations of possible victory through distractions, but a pivotal turn occurred as Indus Sher was ejected from the scene before the match’s conclusion.

In a twist of events, Damian Priest teased a potential cash-in only to be embroiled in a fierce altercation with Drew McIntyre as they brawled their way up the ramp. Deception and misdirection took center stage, leaving the WWE universe in suspense.

According to Dave Meltzer’s analysis on Wrestling Observer Radio, it appears that WWE harbored reservations about Jinder Mahal’s ability to excel in a conventional wrestling match. This insight provides a plausible explanation for the frequent interferences, the Priest-McIntyre brawl, and other distractions that unfolded during the match.



Speculations have been rife about a potential feud between Seth Rollins and CM Punk ever since Punk’s highly anticipated return at Survivor Series 2023. The Voice of the Voiceless’ comeback has fueled anticipation, and with Seth currently undergoing evaluation for a potential knee injury sustained during Raw, the WWE landscape remains unpredictable.

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