“He Is Really Gifted”- Former WWE star interested in seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Logan Paul

EC3, former WWE and TNA star, has commented on a possible match between Logan Paul and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He says he is up for it.


Logan Paul has quickly become the hottest new star of WWE and has had an incredible rookie year so far. He is a natural athlete who has adapted to pro-wrestling like a monkey on a tree. Even with his limited exposure to the sport, he has given ring-veterans like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins tough competition. After his contract ended at WrestleMania 39, he has signed an extension and should be competing for years to come.

Former WWE superstar and 24/7 Champion EC3, was on The Wrestling Outlaws recently. There he spoke on the possibility of a match between Logan Paul and Stone Cold Steve Austin. EC3 said that he would watch the show if this match actually happens.


His exact words were, “I think Logan’s the kind of guy who’s really gifted. It helps when there’s someone puts him in the spots, ‘Oh, you wanna do that. Here’s how we can do it.’ In theory, if you tell me Logan Paul and Stone Cold are on a show, I’m gonna watch it,” (7:12 – 7:31)

Will Logan Paul vs Stone Cold Steve Austin happen in WWE?

However this match is unlikely to happen as The Texas Rattlesnake has already announced his retirement last month. But he isn’t against the occasional appearance in the company as he has always had great terms with WWE. Austin had said, “Coming back to do something from time to time is fine because I love my relationship with WWE, but my days in the ring are done”

WWE released EC3 in 2020 during the Pandemic budget cuts. He is currently with NWA and he is their present Heavyweight Champion as well. He also runs his own indie promotion called Control Your Narrative on the side.


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