Fresh Additions to WrestleMania 40 Match Card Revealed

With the Showcase of Immortals lining up, expect absolute cracker bouts to take centerstage. As per the rumours, WWE is planning something massive involving LA Knight and AJ Styles while the fate of Randy Orton and Logan Paul has already been decided. The Viper will be going against two premium superstars in the ring which include the likes of Logan Paul who is the defending US Champions and Kevin Owens.

The rivalry kicked off at the Elimination Chamber when randy Orton was within inches of the win where he RKO’ed Drew McIntyre and was setting him up for the pin. Logan Paul arrived from nowhere and left Randy Orton out cold with a surprise attack. That cost Orton the chance to challenge Seth Rollins.

Here is what Dave Meltzer had to predict about WrestleMania regarding Randy Orton vs Logal Paul

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Daily Update, Orton’s battle with Logan Paul was already stated but now he believes that AJ Styles vs LA Knight is not far away and this is not essentially a heel vs face battle. This is a battle of two super stars who want to get the rivalry between them sorted. And this is a new direction that has been taking shape in the industry and so far this has worked better than the old school approach of the hero vs the villain.


However, the initial observation from Dave Meltzer was slightly different as he wrote, “Coming off the Chamber show, those at WWE have confirmed both bouts, AJ Styles vs. LA Knight and Logan Paul vs. Randy Orton, that yesterday’s show appeared to set up. Both are right now listed for Mania.”

No matter the number of matches, WWE has already got a flurry of remarkable clashes booked and that is exactly where this year’s WrestleMania can be an absolute swashbuckling display of entertainment which the fans will love.


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