Former WWE Champion May Follow In Footsteps Of Jey Uso After Frustration With Booking

In the ever-evolving landscape of WWE, intriguing developments are afoot as 38-year-old Jey Uso makes his presence felt on RAW, following in the footsteps of his transformative switch from SmackDown. A recent episode of the red brand saw the Samoan star engage in a high-stakes singles match against Drew McIntyre, which culminated in victory for the formidable Scottish Warrior, courtesy of interference from The Judgment Day faction.

However, what transpired after the match cast a shadow of uncertainty over the trajectory of this storyline. The villainous faction launched a ruthless attack on Jey Uso, but what raised eyebrows was McIntyre’s measured response—rather than rushing to save the beleaguered Samoan, he observed from a distance. The conclusion of the show witnessed an unexpected twist as Cody Rhodes came to Jey’s rescue, boldly confronting The Judgment Day faction.

This intriguing turn of events hints at the possibility of Drew McIntyre’s mounting frustration with Jey Uso, despite emerging victorious in their recent clash. This potential scenario raises the intriguing prospect of McIntyre following a path similar to Jey Uso, quitting the RAW brand. It is a path that Jey himself treaded due to his tumultuous relationship with The Bloodline on SmackDown.


From the outset of Jey Uso’s arrival on RAW, Adam Pearce announced that a RAW superstar would be traded to SmackDown as a direct consequence of Jey’s transfer. This foreboding revelation sets the stage for McIntyre, in the coming weeks, to contemplate a move to the blue brand, driven by the trust issues that have surfaced in his alliance with the Samoan star.

Such a move could usher in a world of exciting possibilities, including the potential for a dream match against the returning John Cena, especially amidst the persistent speculation of a McIntyre heel turn.

What happened between Jey Uso and The Judgment Day in WWE?

The ongoing narrative between Jey Uso and The Judgment Day faction adds further intrigue to this evolving storyline. Since his arrival on RAW, Jey has been intricately woven into the fabric of this villainous group, with invitations extended to him to join their ranks. However, recent events on RAW have left little room for doubt regarding Jey’s intentions—his allegiance firmly rests with the red brand.


As we chart the course ahead, one notable landmark on the WWE calendar is Fastlane 2023, the upcoming Premium Live Event. Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso are prominently featured on the promotional poster for this event, fueling speculation of a potential tag team match against The Judgment Day, in alignment with the ongoing storyline.

The coming weeks promise a blend of suspense, drama, and pivotal decisions as we navigate this intriguing journey towards Fastlane 2023.


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