“A Bit Of Time Lying On The Beach Somewhere”, Former Australia Player Has A Gold Suggestion For Bairstow And Carey

Former England Player Has A Gold Suggestion For Bairstow And Carey: The Ashes 2023 series has been a hotbed of attention and controversy, with players like Alex Carey and Jonny Bairstow finding themselves in the limelight. In a recent column for The Telegraph, former Australian head coach Justin Langer weighed in, suggesting that these cricketers could benefit from some mental relaxation.

Carey and Bairstow have been at the centre of a spirited debate after a stumping incident during the Lord’s Test match. The unexpected dismissal of Bairstow by Carey sparked a contentious discussion between the English and Australian camps about the spirit of the game.

Langer believes that these players, at the centre of this furore, could benefit from a break from the high-pressure cricket world. His suggestion? Some time on the beach or a few rounds of golf.


“Experience tells me players like Alex Carey and Jonny Bairstow could do with a bit of time lying on a beach somewhere or playing a couple of games of golf. Anything to help relax their minds and escape the pressure of the spotlight and attention,” he wrote in his column.

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This advice from Langer, a seasoned player and coach, speaks to the importance of mental health in the physically demanding world of sports. Relaxation and a temporary reprieve from the limelight can often be just as beneficial as physical training.

Langer also addressed the nuances of coaching and team management. He emphasized the need to understand the different needs of players, the art of resting the right players at the right time, and occasionally applying “tough love”.


“There is an art to man management and coaching, who to rest, who to play, who to put an arm around, who to give a spoonful of tough love to every now and then. I am sure both teams will be weighing up how to best prepare. They will need to get it right for the final two Tests,” Langer elaborated.

As the Ashes series progresses, team strategies are in the limelight. England has already announced their squad for the fourth Test in Manchester, with Bairstow making the cut despite his struggles.

In conclusion, the spotlight in the world of cricket can be challenging and even overwhelming for the players. As Justin Langer suggests, mental relaxation, in addition to physical fitness and strategic game plans, is an essential element to success on the cricket field. It will be interesting to see how these players handle the pressure and spotlight as the series moves forward.


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