Former Champion Might Return After 500 Days As Mystery Member Of Team Cody Rhodes At WWE Survivor Series: WarGames

With Crown Jewel done and dusted, we are all set to see the million-dollar face-off and this time the main event of Survivor Series: Wargames will be a four-on-four match-up that will witness Judgment Day take on Team Cody Rhodes which comprises Cody Rhodes himself, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins and Jey Uso.

However, there is a new twist in the tale. If we take a closer look at last year’s Survivor Series then there were five members from each team that took on each other. Following that trend and the volatility of Drew McIntyre who may soon turn heel considering his defeat to Seth Rollins, Team Cody will need a fifth member.

As rumours swirl around, there is a high possibility that Randy Orton may finally make the return to this hallowed arena and turn out for Team American Nightmare given their old friendship.



Randy has missed last 18 months of action in the ring following his back injury which had to be operated upon and since then, this will probably be the first time that he will be back to the ring and what better way than entering the hellish war games as an ally of Team Cody.

Here is what may happen if Randy Orton returns to Survivor Series: Wargames

The reports that are currently doing the round states that Randy Orton may actually return and help Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes to secure a victory over the JD while the following night will open the first page of the final chapter of the Judgment Day. Believe this or not, but Randy can also turn heel the following night given his versatility in the ring.

Randy’s tryst with the Survivor Series dates back to ancient days, and he has savoured some roaring success inside the ring. The Viper has won five traditional elimination matches while doing three of them as being the solitary survivor.


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