First IPL Salary of top five popular overseas players

Overseas cricketers are an important constituent of the Indian Premier League. These players add flavour and diversity to the competition apart from making games exciting with their talent. In this article, we take a look at the first IPL salary of the top five overseas players in the history of the competition.


The five foreign players that we have selected rank high when it comes to both stats and the impact they have had on their respective franchises. Over the years, they have put across numerous performances, which have helped their teams immensely.

1) David Warner – INR 14.7 Lakhs

Sold To Delhi Daredevils (Delhi Capitals) in IPL 2009


David Warner was not part of IPL 2008. A season later, he joined the Delhi outfit for just INR 14.7 Lakhs. Since he was an uncapped cricketer, his first IPL salary was less compared to other overseas cricketers.

Warner is one of the premier openers in IPL. He has been extremely consistent and currently plays at Sunrisers Hyderabad for a salary of INR 12.5 Crore.

2) AB de Villiers – INR 1.2 Crore

Sold To Delhi Daredevils (Delhi Capitals) in IPL 2008


AB de Villiers had already made a name for himself at around IPL 2008. However, that fame did not convince franchisees to spend a big amount. Hence, the Delhi outfit could hire the South African for just $300,000, which amounted to INR 1.2 crore at that time.

For the next three years, ABD was in the Delhi franchise. He put on several match-winning shows during his stint in the squad. However, he was released after IPL 2010 by the franchise. RCB procured him in the following auctions, and after that, he went on to become arguably the best overseas batsman in the league. Currently, he is one of the best-paid overseas stars in the competition.

3) Lasith Malinga – INR 1.4 Crore

Sold To Mumbai Indians in IPL 2008


Lasith Malinga is the best pacer that IPL has seen, so far. If you take the history of the competition, no other fast bowler has had an impact as big as the Sri Lankan. Mumbai Indians got him just for INR 1.4 crore in the IPL 2008 Auctions.

After that, it was a steady rise in the pay packet for the pacer. At one point, Malinga used to earn INR 9.5 crore, his highest-ever salary in the competition. However, in the recent seasons, Malinga used to play for Mumbai Indians for just INR 2 crore.

4) Chris Gayle – INR 3.21 Crore

Sold To Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2008


Chris Gayle‘s first IPL salary was INR 3.21 Crore. He was sold to Kolkata Knight Riders for a bid of $800,000 in IPL 2008 Auctions. The West Indian has become a popular figure in the tournament since then.

Interestingly, Gayle was unsold in the IPL 2011 Auctions and had to come into the tournament as a replacement signing. This can be said as one of the plot points in IPL’s history.

5) Kieron Pollard – INR 3.47 Crore

Sold To Mumbai Indians in IPL 2010


It was under interesting circumstances that Kieron Pollard was sold at the IPL 2010 Auctions. Kieron Pollard had made a name for his big-hitting skills, and hence, many teams were interested in him. However, at the auctions, four teams were locked in a tie when the entire purse of $750,000 was emptied. A tie-breaker and silent bid rule followed, and Mumbai Indians won the bid at $2.2 million.

But, Pollard’s first IPL salary was $750,000, a sum that was close to INR 3.47 Crore at that time. Since then, Pollard has been with Mumbai Indians and has won five IPL trophies with the franchise.


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