4 Men AEW Superstar Saraya Has Been Linked With In A Romantic Way

Saraya (fka Paige) has always been a dominant force in the antiquity of the WWE ring and the kind of character development that she went through during her residence with the premium entertainment wrestling brand was nothing short of crazy. She left several WWE superstars go around in a knot while the WWE universe didn’t leave a single stone unturned to at least share the same frame with one of the most beautiful divas of the industry.


Paige was the first-ever NXT women’s champion and was also one of the most influential stars on the show called ‘Total Divas’. Not only did she pull off crazy antics in the ring but her personal life that was always simmering with something exciting or the other, also somewhat took the center stage in the development of her character arc.

During her tenure in the WWE, she was seen with several superstars who made her romantic life a pretty colorful one and a pivot too that saw her storylines evolving with the strongest of emotions may it be hate or love. Here is a list of a few superstars who dated Paige during her heydays in the WWE.


#1 Corey Graves and Saraya

May it be the gravity of the ring or that of the rumors in the air, Cory Greaves and Paige never appeared to be the shrinking violets in terms of wearing their hearts on their sleeves. They were a part of the NXT at the same time, following which they almost simultaneously bagged their promotions to the main roster and pulled off a lot of house shows together.

Seeing the duo spend a lot of time together, WWE universe chose to give this a label that the two had something secretly brewing beneath the table, even albeit, Corey was happily married with three children while Paige was dating Brad Maddox.

#2 Xavier Woods and Saraya 

Xavier has always been a very popular star in the WWE roster and he has pulled off some crazy stunts alongside the likes of Big E and Kofi Kingston as the New Day popped quite a few eyeballs.


Unfortunately, Woods was dropped from the roster for a while as there were rumours of him being involved in a relationship with Paige during his NXT days while the former was happily expecting a child. The company took the hit, asked Woods to lay low and welcomed him back once the heat of the controversy died down.

#3 Brad Maddox 

The two shared a relationship that was very well sheathed by a sturdy layer of secrecy until a leak of snaps where the two were seen close revealed that the two were dating each other.

Maddox and Paige were in a relationship around 2014 where the latter held both the NXT and the WWE championship in quick succession. The two never wanted to reveal their love story but nevertheless, things did come out.


#4 Alberto del Rio hogged the limelight too


Back in 2016, the couple stole the headlines of entertainment wrestling when they started dating each other. In fact, all of it happened as a bit of a shocker as Del Rio announced this big piece of eye popper when he also called a day on his marriage.

Del Rio and Paige also violated WWE’s wellness policy and were handed over suspensions for the same. This entire event was capped off by Paige proposing Del Rio in the middle of the ring which he happily accepted.


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