Emma Facts: All You Need To Know About WWE SmackDown Superstar

It was a sumptuous display from Emma in the ring before being eliminated from the Royal Rumble. She was clinical to the core and her fans didn’t leave a single stone unturned to make all the right noises as she rocked and rolled through the ring. She returned to WWE in October 2022 and ever since then, the ripples that followed surrounding her, were hard to ignore.

After her fine run in the Royal Rumble, Emma tweeted, “It’s been a long time since I’ve wrestled in front of a crowd like that, and the 1st time having my music play and my own entrance at a show of this magnitude. A show I watched and loved since I was a little kid. 51,338 screaming fans and my first #RoyalRumble. Thank you guys!”

Now with so much said already, here are five facts that you should know about the SmackDown Superstar.


Emma kicked off her wrestling training at the age of 13


When you are 13, it is pretty tough for an individual to capture the rudimentary of grappling but Emma was not the ordinary adolescent trying to find a way out with wrestling. Back in 2014, in one of the episodes of a podcast with Sam Roberts, she revealed that back in the day she would urge her mum regularly to drive her to wrestling sessions.

She is a prolific cook and her Youtube channel proves the same

Emma has always had a knack for cooking and in 2015, she launched her own Youtube channel called the Taste of Tenille. She showcased her cooking prowess to the fellow wrestlers and in one of the most remarkable and most viewed episodes of the channel, it was Xavier Woods who made an appearance and bam! People were already cooking it.

Pursued a nutritional course

As she returned in 2022, it was notable how she maintained her supple physique that made her a lot vicious against her opponents, imparting agility and sharpness. Talking to Muscle and Fitness a few years back, she clarified that maintaining her level of fitness is extremely important because that is a part and parcel of her trade. She also added that it is the urge of the fans that has always made her stay in shape.


Briefly fired by WWE


Emma lost her job for an hour or two when she was accused of stealing an Ipad case from a Walmart store. However, after due investigation, it was divulged that she did pay for the store items through a self-checkout machine but the tablet case in question was deemed as unpaid because it was improperly scanned. WWE fired her but as soon as they realised the mistake, she was back in job within hours.

Won a match by chance

We are all aware by now that WWE matches have their results fixed in a storyline. However, in an incident or two, things happen otherwise and you simply have to accept that. In a similar incident, in a NXT Fatal Four Way match, Emma was involved with the mighty likes of Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Dana Brooke. Lynch couldn’t kick out from the pin and Emma walked away with the win. However, as per the storyline, it was Emma who was supposed to take the victory.

Who is the boyfriend of WWE Superstar Emma?

Emma is currently in a relationship with former 24/7 champion Madcap Moss. They work as a couple on-screen as well and had a feud with Karrion Kross and Scarlett on SmackDown.


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