Eagle-eyed WWE Fans Notice Subtle Hints Of CM Punk’s Return on WWE RAW

The wrestling world has been buzzing with anticipation ever since CM Punk’s unexpected release from AEW, sparking rumors of a potential WWE return. While Impact Wrestling and the NWA have been the only companies to openly or internally express interest, fans remain hopeful for the Second City Saint’s triumphant return to WWE.

This week’s WWE RAW, with its sights set on the impending Crown Jewel event, provided a captivating stage for fans to dissect every moment for any subtle hint or tease of Punk’s return. Three hours of action-packed entertainment only fueled the speculation further.

During a particularly notable promo, Shinsuke Nakamura uttered the phrase “set me free,” translated from Japanese. Fans instantly recognized this as a direct reference to CM Punk’s iconic theme song lyrics, sending shockwaves of excitement through the audience and intensifying hopes for a Punk comeback.


Did Rhea Ripley give a hint about the return of CM Punk?

Adding to the intrigue, Rhea Ripley, The Nightmare herself, declared that she had something “to get off my chest.” This phrase was a nod to CM Punk’s legendary pipe bomb promo, a pivotal moment in wrestling history.

However, it’s important to note that despite these tantalizing hints, Ringside News exclusively reported that there are currently no discussions between WWE and CM Punk. Punk initiated contact, but his offer was turned down by WWE. The company, riding high during this booming period, seems to have no immediate need for Punk’s services, even with the upcoming Survivor Series event taking place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. WWE is expected to fill every seat in the Allstate Arena, with or without the Second City Savior.

For CM Punk, the future is still unknown; only time will tell what lies ahead in his illustrious career. The wrestling community is enthralled with the question of whether he joins another company and if he has a contract or not.


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