Drew McIntyre Reveals Why He Has No Interest In Facing Roman Reigns

Things got real hot on the latest episode of WWE Raw as Cody Rhodes went all guns blazing against Drew McIntyre who has been desperate for a shot at the American Nightmare. It is believed that with CM Punk out of Wrestlemania, WWE will have to fix a storyline that would feature McIntyre too alongside the bigger names.

Truth be told, both Cody and Nakamura have been going about some brutal business with the King chasing the American Nightmare for a while now and with every opportunity that he has got, he has taken the advantage and went forth with flying mist into Cody’s eyes.


In the latest episode of Raw, Drew cut Cody’s promo and intervened, stating that things were definitely not alright and somehow the American Nightmare is going miles away from his dream for the throne. Roman Reigns is certainly not his part to take care of. Instead, he should just hand over a shot to the Scottish Psychopath and get the story completed.

Here is what Drew McIntyre had to say about Roman Reigns and his family to Cody Rhodes

In fact, McIntyre had good reasons to believe that Roman Reigns is just the same old storyline where the results are written in the stars and there is no changing that. In the latest episode of Raw, McIntyre told Cody in his promo, “You know what happens in Roman’s matches? No one wants to fight for Roman’s Title anymore because they know the ending. His family’s gonna interfere, every single time.”


McIntyre isn’t wrong to be honest. This has been the tale for an eternity now. Roman hasn’t won on his own. He has always had help and the fans are tired of this showdown. They want the title to change hands and they are hellbent on Roman to be stripped of the glory.

Even though Cody introduced the Rock as his challenger for the belt around his waist, fans believe that this is not what it should have been. They want Cody to redeem himself at Wrestlemania and that should be the main event.


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