Dominik Mysterio Breaks Silence After Rhea Ripley Caught Him With Liv Morgan On WWE RAW

Dominik Mysterio might be in for some serious trouble after his months of run-ins with WWE Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan. The Dirty One saw the reemergence of his Mami, Rhea Ripley back to WWE after being sidelined with an injury. Mami was furious with Dominik Mysterio who said something to reason with her that a lot of fans might have missed.

Rhea Ripley was sidelined with a shoulder injury at the hands of her heated rival, Liv Morgan, a few months ago. In her absence, Morgan made it her mission to snatch everything from her, which began with the WWE Women’s World Championship and then began pursuing her Latino Heat, Dominik Mysterio, every week on RAW.

The duo was pitted into a mixed tag team match against WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio and his protege Zelina Vega after weeks of tensions. Following interference at the last minute, Liv Morgan assisted Dominik in executing the frog splash on Rey Mysterio and pinning him for the first time in his career.


What did Dominik Mysterio say to Rhea Ripley after her shocking return to WWE?

As Liv and Dominik celebrated after their victory and almost shared a kiss, Rhea Ripley made her shocking return to WWE, storming to the ring. Morgan fled at the sight of her old rival re-emerging while Dominik stood inside the ring stunned. Following a brief altercation, Ripley left the ring, and Dominik Mysterio followed her in an attempt to reconcile with his Mami and said something to do the same.

“I swear. It’s not what you think. I’ve been trying to fix things since you were gone,” Dominik said.


With Rhea Ripley back in a more competent WWE landscape than the one she left, it will be interesting to see this saga unfold with Mami now back in the mix.

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