“Did you say the best?” Amit Mishra trolls a Pakistan fan with Virat Kohli’s picture as the fan claims Pakistan has the best T20 bowling attack

Virat Kohli had played a match winning knock in the India Vs Pakistan game in the T20 World Cup 2022

The former Indian leg spinner Amit Mishra has been very active on social media, especially on Twitter in the last few months, and he doesn’t shy away from trolling some of the fans of the rival teams as well.

Today after the final match of the T20 World Cup concluded between England and Pakistan, a Pakistan fan tweeted that Pakistan’s bowling lineup is the best in the world in T20I cricket. Amit Mishra quoted that tweet with a Virat Kohli picture and tweeted, “Did you say the best”?

It was the picture of Virat Kohli playing that punch shot straight down the ground off the 5th ball of the 19th over of the India Vs Pakistan game in the group round of the World Cup. That 19th over was bowled by Pakistan’s premier fast bowler Haris Rauf and the first 4 balls of that over went so well for Pakistan that it increasingly started looking like Pakistan’s game.


But then Virat Kohli hit Haris Rauf for two consecutive sixes to put India back on track and those were probably two of the shots of the tournament because one was a backfoot punch straight over the bowler and the other was a flick over fine leg off a delivery which was not quite full enough for a normal flick. It was more of a whippy flick.

Amit Mishra tried to convey a message with Virat Kohli’s picture

Amit Mishra, with that picture of Virat Kohli, tried to convey a message to that Pakistan fan that however good their bowling attack might be, India’s best batsman Virat Kohli still got the better of that attack and won the game for India.



The MCG pitch, where the India Vs Pakistan game was played, was one of the trickiest pitches in the T20 World Cup along with Optus Stadium in Perth and Virat Kohli still managed to score 80 odd runs on that tricky MCG pitch to make sure India ended up on the winning side against Pakistan.


I write a bit on cricket and I am more interested in technical and tactical side of the game, rather than bravado.

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