Did Bobby Lashley and Lana date in real life? Here’s all you need to know

When Lana stepped in the WWE ring for the first time, WWE Universe absolutely loved her and then to spice things up the authority somehow wanted her working on deeper storylines, one of which was against Bobby Lashley. Sadly, the end of the storyline was as unexpected as it could be, eventually leaving the fans with a very bitter taste in the mouth.

The duo started to show love for each other on the screen from September 30th, 2109 where they would come together while also enjoying with each other frequently, a move used by the WWE that the Universe of fans completely abhorred.

A few fans also asked about how true was the relationship and eventually at the end of it all they aren’t still sure where the two did date or they didn’t? However, Lana and Lashley did rock the screens in their own amazing way. With all said and done, the two weren’t exactly dating and it was nothing but kayfabe.


Here is what Miro had to say about Lana and Bobby Lashley

Lana who is also known as CJ Perry has been married to Rusev who is known as Miro since July 29th, 2016. The two have been in relationship for a while before finally tying the knot. Their relationship wasn’t just reel but it was very real and WWE used that angle to the fullest, making the Bulgarian Brute unleash his effort that the WWE fans would love.

Due to the real-life relationship of Rusev and Lana, fans didn’t believe that Lashley and Lana were dating no matter how close they came and how much they tried to make things appear as real. But then again with all said and done, both Lashley and Lana are very efficient wrestlers.

Miro had no issues with the storyline because Lana had a former career in acting and hence she has already walked the path before where it was all about the job and the entire show was staged.


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