PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja Brings Out A Proposal That Could See India Pakistan Meeting Very Often

Ever since Ramiz Raja became the PCB Chairman, Pakistan Cricket has been in the news. Be it for his straightforward views or the team’s performance on the field, Pakistan Cricket has stayed relevant in the last few months. Now, Ramiz Raja is laying out a plan that would be a major win for his country’s cricket team. In this article, we take a look at an interesting proposal of a tournament that has been laid out by PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja lays out an interesting proposal

Ramiz Raja has announced that he is going to ICC with the idea of a 4-Nation T20I series between India, Pakistan, England and Australia. As per Ramiz’s plans, the event will happen every year and would be hosted by all four nations on a rotation basis. The PCB chairman also has a revenue model frozen for the event. If the idea does go through, India and Pakistan will face each other very often. At the moment, the arch-rivals clash only in the ICC events. The teams playing against each other on a yearly basis will be a big win for the game and also for the fans.

Fans discuss if the idea can be realized

While Ramiz Raja’s plan looks impressive on paper, many gave their views of the same. The first hindrance, pointed out by many, is the scheduling aspect. All teams, especially India, have a packed schedule throughout the year. Bringing together four top teams every year will be a massive task.


The next and the obvious one remains the political implications of the series. India and Pakistan don’t involve in bilateral tournaments due to a reason. Many fans were not sure if that would change. Also, as per Ramiz’s plans, once in four years, the event will take place in Pakistan. It is highly unlikely if BCCI or even the other boards would agree on the same.


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