Canceled WWE Plans For Matt Riddle Disclosed After His Release – Reports

The quick WWE dismissal of Matt Riddle stunned the wrestling world in an unexpected change of events. Prior to his departure, The Original Bro held a significant role on Monday Night RAW, which was due to his behaviour outside of the ring and his problems behind the scenes.

Prior to his dismissal, WWE allegedly had big plans for Matt Riddle on RAW, with none other than Drew McIntyre playing a crucial supporting role. The two superstars were originally supposed to create a full-fledged tag team called “McRiddle,” which is undoubtedly catchy, according to a report from WrestleVotes on Twitter.

Before his departure, the duo had already teamed up on a couple of occasions, with Drew McIntyre attempting to create some distance from Riddle. In a sign of WWE’s commitment to this pairing, various merchandise items were purportedly designed, further suggesting that they were set to remain a tag team for an extended period.


WrestleVotes shared this intriguing insight on Twitter, stating: “Prior to his departure from the company, I’m told there were significant plans for a Matt Riddle / Drew McIntyre tag team. So much so, various merchandise items were designed with the team name……. “McRiddle.” This is not a joke.”

Where is former WWE Superstar Matt Riddle now?

The decision to disband the Drew McIntyre-Matt Riddle tag team occurred shortly after the former United States Champion was involved in an altercation at JFK International Airport and later released. Drew McIntyre is now hinting at a character makeover, which suggests that his persona may undergo a substantial transformation soon.


Matt Riddle has had several offers since being let go by WWE, with both wrestling and mixed martial arts organisations showing an interest in hiring him. Riddle, though, seems to have switched his attention to another project. His first after-release project is the introduction of his own cannabis variety, appropriately dubbed “Riddle OG.”

The future of his regular wrestling endeavours is still unclear. With Riddle’s evident talent in the ring and in the octagon, there is space for rumour regarding a future return to WWE if his behaviour is in line with the standards of the organisation. The WWE’s original intentions for Riddle show that his departure left some unfinished business, giving optimism for his wrestling career.


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