“Can anyone in the Indian team calm Virat Kohli down?” Justin Langer amazed with Virat Kohli’s energy and enthusiasm on the field in WTC final

Virat Kohli pushed the Indian captain Rohit Sharma to go for the DRS a couple of times in the game, but Rohit didn't go for it

The former Australian head coach Justin Langer, who is also one of the commentators on the global feed of World Test Championship (WTC) final, asked a very interesting question to the former Indian head coach Ravi Shastri during his stint on air on the first day of the game.

Virat Kohli is not the captain of the Indian test team anymore, but the energy that he still shows on the field particularly in his appeals is incredible to watch. Whether the batsman is out or not, Kohli almost always wants to go for the DRS and it doesn’t matter whether he has the authority to go upstairs or not, he always has the same enthusiasm.

Justin Langer was very curious to know about Virat Kohli from Ravi Shastri

What Justin Langer wanted to know from Ravi Shastri was whether there is anyone in the current Indian team who can calm Kohli down, given the stature that he has as a player and the respect that he commands in the team.


Nobody knows Kohli better than Shastri because the two of them spent a long time as the captain-coach duo and achieved many accolades as well, especially the way India played in the overseas test matches under their watch.

Answering Langer’s question, Shastri said that there are a couple of players in the team who can calm Kohli down. One is the captain Rohit Sharma himself, who is a calm and composed character, and the other one is Cheteshwar Pujara who stands with Kohli in the slip cordon.

But, Shastri insisted that apart from these two players, there isn’t really anyone in the current Indian team who can calm Kohli down and it’s hard to overrule him as well, as far as the DRS calls are concerned.


India fell pretty much behind the game yesterday on the first day of the WTC final and they will desperately need a charismatic knock off the bat of Virat Kohli to make a comeback into the test match, whenever they get their chance to bat.


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