“Brock deserves better is wild!”, Twitter split over claims that Triple H is not doing justice to Brock Lesnar

When we talk about wrestling, especially entertainment wrestling, Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest names to have entered the ring. However, as things stand the WWE universe isn’t really happy with how the Beast Incarnate have been booked for the ongoing storyline.

Brock Lesnar had a fight with Lashley, but the fight ended in a disqualification as Lesnar went all guns blazing and even ended up F5ing the referee. The battle somehow lacked the kind of sting that two heavyweights are to produce.

Here is what the WWE Universe had to say about Brock Lesnar

The fans believe that Triple H somehow hasn’t done justice to Brock Lesnar as he hasn’t been placed aptly in the current WWE roster. He deserves a lot better fights and at least oppositions who will push the Beast to his limits.


WWE Universe also had reasons to believe that somehow the feud between Triple H and Lesnar earlier in their days that saw the Beast fracture Triple H’s arm, may have led to the animosity between the two.

Being candid here, maybe all the phenomenal wrestlers we have here, they have been booked and the ones who are capable of taking down the beast are currently involved in another rivalry. Lashley has fallen from his earlier grace and hence the kind of match that you would want from someone of Lesnar’s stature, that is still not happening. The universe also had to believe that Lesnar was better used by Vince McMahon.

On top of that with Lesnar’s mic skills always being a question that saw Paul Heyman doing the talking previously, it is hard for Lesnar to amp up the rivalries that he has been found in the midst of.


If rumors are to be believed then there is a possibility that Cena and Lesnar may go face to face again at the WrestleMania but till that time, we will have to be content with the fragments of excellence that Lesnar gets to call in his limited screen time. Or even if Omos and Lesnar hits the yard, well, being candid, it is going to be a very cumbersome battle.

Here is what Twitter had to say about the current bookings of Lesnar.


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