Booker T Calls for WWE and AEW to “Ban” Wrestling Journalists Like Dave Meltzer

Booker T, a former WWE Hall of Famer and current NXT commentator, has expressed worry about the influence of wrestling writers, especially those like Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez. On his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T recommended that WWE and AEW take into account imposing limitations on these people, possibly prohibiting them from using locker rooms and attending events.

The focus of Booker T’s major argument is the reporting done by publications like Wrestling Observer and the dissemination of scoops among wrestlers. He fiercely defends these actions as being detrimental to the wrestling business, claiming that they are “killing business.”

The precise event that sparked Booker’s annoyance was rumours that Mustafa Ali may win the NXT North American Title after conversations in WWE meetings that were made public. The renowned wrestler was not pleased with this incident.


What does Booker T have to say about journalists?

Booker T elaborated on his stance by describing incidents like this as representative of what is “wrong with this business today.” He said that people like Meltzer and Alvarez irritate him by divulging what he considers to be “insider information,” which is equivalent to giving away the plot of a movie before it is released. He fervently feels that these leaks have a negative effect on the wrestling business.

Essentially, Booker T is a supporter for aggressive action being taken by WWE, AEW, and other wrestling firms to stop the spread of such tales. He argues that it would be more beneficial to retain secrecy and keep some areas of the firm inside than to allow critical information to be leaked to the wrestling media.

By speaking out about these issues, Booker T joins a rising chorus of wrestlers who are skeptical of the role that wrestling journalists play in influencing the narratives of the business and possibly hurting its shocks and plots.


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