An open letter to the WWE Fans

Dear WWE fans,

There has been a common buzz saying that the company has faltered from grace with the current storylines which they create as they nowhere match the ones which were made in the attitude era. Now here is a common point that probably has been passed down generation to generation, where one states that our generation was the best while the following generation comes up with an answer of their own.

This is like an unstated competition between two generation gaps where there is always friction, just trying to ensure that their generation of stuff finds the upper hand. Unfortunately, no craft in the world works like that. It is all about evolution, it is all about adaptability and it is all about embracing the growing change in the mindset.


What change do we need in WWE fans?

One of the most crucial changes in the current mindsets of the people is being sensitive. When one says sensitive, it also refers to knowing when to call a storyline not appropriate or when to highlight when something can be a hurt to sentiments.

Secondly, the industry now ensures a much safer form of deploying the various moves, only to ensure the longevity of a wrestler’s career. Injuries do happen still but attempts to minimalise them have now been the norm. People believe that these are signs of softening. Sorry but these humans who put their body on the line, also expects a decent amount of certainty.

Also, when was the last time in Attitude era you saw the entire crowd singing your theme song? Well, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins has also made that possible. And now shifting focus to booing someone, who would forget Dominik Mysterio? Also, how can you forget Daniel Bryan’s stage invasion?



It is crazier now and a lot more high-paced but the safety knob has been turned up and that’s all. Take it or leave it but you will have to face it. That is the bottom line and WWE is protecting it fiercely.

Yours sincerely,

A fan of Attitude Era


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